Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sorry boys, I'm taken

Reportedly, Will (my two year old teammate) announced to a group of students last night that Jude (my six year old teammate) is going to marry Samantha (my almost one year old teammate) and that he (Will) is going to marry Kat (me). Wow, I think that's the most parenthetical references I've used in a sentence in a long time. Hope you followed that. So boys, sorry, but it looks like little Will has staked his claim. :) I'm quite flattered and think he will make an excellent husband--he loves to come to my house and help wash dishes (aka play with bubbles) and help cook. Today he helped me make pumpkin muffins for the team (and only had to ask me about twenty times during the process what we were doing). I had gone over to his house to borrow some pans and he invited himself over to my house--as in he stated very simply, "I'm going to Kat's house." I love having kids around!

The other kid who made my day today was Ai Jia. This little girl is finally back from her cleft palette surgery and she's looking great! She is just one of those babies who has completely stolen my heart. She's such a sweetie, babbles quite a bit, and has the most gorgeous eyes.
In other news, my animosity for Dongbei springs is lessoning as the cherry blossoms have come out in full force. Maybe I do love spring after all! Monday is supposed to be beautiful weather, and since I don't teach or have my Chinese lesson (Juniors are student teaching), I'm going to try and go out to a local park for a day of reflection. Fingers crossed that the forecast is right and sunshine is headed our way!

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Lily Makes 3 said...

Ai Jia is BEAUTIFUL before and after her surgery. Looks like the surgeon's did a wonderful job! These little angels have my heart too.