Saturday, April 5, 2008

Broom black hole

My apartment has developed a black hole for brooms and mops. A couple weeks ago I was looking for my broom. Towards the end of last semester, I started having the lady who cleans Sarah's, the Wu's, and the Clement's homes clean my house once a week. Hence, I had found no need to use my broom in quite some time. However, I was shocked that the broom was gone when I went to fetch the broom from its normal resting place behind my fridge. I noticed my mop and dust pan were missing as well. Sometimes my cleaning lady moves things to places she deems more proper, so I began searching my house. My house really is not that large, and since there are no closets there aren't too many places to hide a broom. Within a few moments I had ascertained that indeed, my cleaning instruments were missing. Not that I was looking for the broom to clean with--I wanted to unscrew the pole part of it and use it as a cane in a role play for class. I borrowed Michelle's broom pole for this purpose, and though perplexed, let the missing broom slip to the back of my mind.

This Thursday night, right before students came over, I dropped and broke a glass full of water in my kitchen. With their impending arrival, I shut the kitchen door and forgot about it for the next couple of hours. However, after the students left I set about cleaning up the mess. The disappearing broom came back to haunt me. I went to the Wus to borrow their broom and explained my conjecture that the cleaning lady had done something (not maliciously--she's a very sweet sister and I absolutely adore her) with my broom. They laughed at this proposition and willingly lent me their broom. I cleaned up the mess, and since it was late at night, set their broom behind my fridge to return to them the next day. Friday morning my cleaning lady came and made my apartment spotless. This morning (Saturday), Wu came to fetch their broom. Sure enough, their broom and dust pan has disappeared. We're guessing our dear cleaning lady has put the brooms somewhere (she rides her bike here and we highly doubt she takes them with her), but are utterly confused as to where the broom black hole is located.

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