Sunday, April 6, 2008

Black hole located

Soooo...not thirty minutes after I wrote the last post, I located the black hole. It is true that I don't have closets. However, I do have kitchen cabinets. Silly me, I never thought a broom would fit in a kitchen cabinet. After I posted about the mystery, I was in search of some other activity that would legitimately justify procrastinating the grad work I had already been procrastinating a week. I decided a spring cleaning inside and out of my windows was just the ticket. In order to undergo this mission, I had to dig to the back of one of my kitchen cabinets for my windex. To my surprise, tucked at the very back of the cabinet behind the pipes for the sink were two brooms and two dust pans. I'm sure my cleaning lady was quite surprised at the arrival of another broom and dust pan this past Friday... At least now I know its hiding place! I used my new found broom (wrapped in paper towels duck taped to the broom and drenched in windex) to try to reach the far end of the outside of my bedroom window (I live on the third floor and was precariously perched on a 5 inch wide ledge...shhhh, don't tell my mom!). However, when I tried to replace the broom in its new resting place, for the life of my I couldn't get it to neatly fit back into the cabinet. This fact only further confirms the notion I've had for awhile; my cleaning lady is a wonderwoman!

After wiping off layers of coal dust from the inside of my windows and dirt from the outside, the windows sparkle. The amount of entirely black paper towels (about 2 full rolls) is a little disturbing if I reflect that I've been breathing all of those lovely particles...but, we won't reflect on that long. Today I finally returned to the grad work...if I could only keep that momentum going!

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