Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sensory women

Right now in my sophomore writing classes we're doing a unit on story-telling. This weekend the sophomores have one of their most important exams of their college careers, so a "light" unit on something that they naturally excel at (creativity) seemed to be the perfect fit. Today the lesson was focused on adjectives. More specifically, the aim of the lesson was to take the students beyond the five or so adjectives they use WAY too often (i.e. colorful, lovely, interesting, beautiful, and wonderful). At the beginning of the lesson we were talking about what makes excellent writers excellent. Their notes had blanks on it to fill in with the following sentence: "What separates excellent writers from average writers is their ability to use vivid sensory ___________." I asked my students which word they thought should go in the blank. Immediately, a student called out "women!". I guess if I want to improve my writing, I need to start including some sensory women...whatever that might mean!

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