Thursday, March 12, 2009


High-heeled boots + snow/sleet + slippery tiled Chinese sidewalks + 50 mph gusts of wind = disaster waiting to happen.

Sometimes, I'm just downright foolish. I almost fell walking back for lunch after teaching classes this morning. The snow/sleet mixture had started to fall about 45 minutes before class ended. It continued during lunch. Looking out the window, I actually thought through the fact that high-heeled boots in the current climate was looking for trouble. But I had on my grey dress wool pants...and I didn't have any other shoes that would really go with those pants...and the boots look good. And I was too lazy to change clothes. Oh, don't you love how your vanity comes and bites you in the butt--quite literally sometimes? I wasn't fifty yards outside of my apartment building, when in a location I have affectionately labeled "wind tunnel of doom", a sudden gust sent me quite uncontrollably flying off my feet and smack down hard on my rear end. That'll teach me to listen to the voice of fashion instead of the voice of common sense...

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