Monday, March 23, 2009

HELP!! (Batch #1)

UPDATED CLARIFICATION: I would like you to tell me your three top picks for Batch #1 and your three top picks for Batch #2. I am allowed to submit three pictures from each class for the final judgment. Thanks again for your help!

As mentioned in an earlier post (The Chinese Flag), my sophomore oral students had the homework assignment of creating a new flag for China. The five best flags from all of the sophomore students will be proudly displayed in the foreign teachers' library, and the winning creators will be treated to dinner with all of the foreign teachers. I need YOU, yes you, ALL of you to help me select the three best flags from each of my classes. These will then be entered in the final competition with the rest of the sophomores. So all of you lurkers visiting this blog, be bold, be brave, come on out and give me your opinion. I'm allowing anonymous commenting for a short while, so you don't even have to let me know who you are. Below are the flags from my first class with a short description. In your comment, please select your three favorites. Remember, leading up to this project we studied flags of the world. Consequently, the flag should realistically fit in with the rest of the world's flags. Thanks for your help! There will be a second batch posted later today.

Flag One
The sun is the Communist party, and the six triangles are the radiance of the sun--the worker, the farmer, the city, the village, the petty bourgeoisie, and the national bourgeoisie. They revolve around a center to unite. The willow is life in spring and represents the development of China. The color red represents the enthusiasm and hospitality of China, and the blue represents the intelligence.

Flag Two
The red represents the revolutionary martyr's blood, the yellow five pointed star represents the Communist party, and the blue circle represents the people of the whole country. The circle surrounds the star representing the great solidarity of the people under the leading of the communist party.

Flag Three
The dragon represents the culture of China; the traditional color of the dragon is yellow. The red means joy, happiness, and good fortune. The crown means noble and dignity.

Flag Four
The golden background represents the glorious history and culture of China. The red stands for the blood of heroes, green stands for peace, blue stands for sea, and white stands for sea. The three colors form the character zhong () meaning many and the character ren (人) meaning people, because China has the largest population. This symbol represents that Chinese people unite together.

Flag Five

Red is for the revolutionary martyrs and for our aspiration towards the future. The gold star represents the Communist party, it is the color of the sun and Chinese people's skin-color. Under the star is the Great Wall; the three parts represent China's past, present, and future. It represents the wisdom and perseverance of the Chinese. The color green represents China's respect of nature.

Flag Six

The red is for the revolution. The yellow symbolizes light, and the circle is the sun. China will bring the light. The cross represents that under God's blessing, China will not have war anymore. The blue represents purity.

Flag Seven
The dragon represents power and China's ancient legends. The clouds represent the clouds in the Olympic Games in Beijing. The red means strength, green means vigor, blue represents heaven and water (the origin of life), black means the earth, and yellow means justice and peace.

Flag Eight
The five diamonds stand for the traditional manners: filial piety and fraternal submission, loyalty, politeness, quality and sentiment of loyalt
y to friends, and trust. The suns stands for China and means our great country is improving. The sea means China has a great future and will become stronger.

Flag Nine
The red symbolizes the revolutionary martyr's blood. The five-pointed sta
r stands for the Communist Party and also stands for the "5" of China's 56 different nations. The six blue stripes stand for the "6" of the 56 nations. The half circle looks like the letter C, and it stands for China. Chinaware is often white, so the "C" is white.


Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Are we supposed to choose one from each set? I like flag 8 best in this group. I think it fits in best with other flags of the world while still offering a host of unique ideas not present in the actual flag.

Sarah said...

I like 8 the best. ~Sarah Horton

Sarah said...

I like 8, 5 and 1 in no particular order

Heather said...

For batch #2 I like:

#3 - first
#8 - second
#5 - third

**#3 & #8 in batch 2 both tie for my all time fav of both batches.

Anonymous said...

#8, #5 and #4 are my faves in this batch

Anonymous said...

Of this group I like 8, 5 and 4, Sorry I only chose 2 on the other group.


Pru's Corner said...

Hope I'm not too late

1st - 7
2nd - 1
3rd - 8

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Okay, add to 8, numbers 1 and 3.

Anonymous said...

8, 9, 5 (in order)