Saturday, March 21, 2009

I survived an earthquake

And I didn't even feel it. While I'm extremely grateful that the earthquake was not that strong, I must admit I'm a little disappointed I didn't even notice it. For those of you familiar with geography, I'm sure you're scratching your head in amazement that we had an earthquake up here in the northeast of China. Yes, they are very unlikely. But I assure you, it really happened. It was only 4.3, but it was enough to send ripples of worries throughout the campus community. I had a class of students over last night to watch a movie; one of them showed up with an extra set of clothes packed in her purse--just in case. I was at the orphanage at the time of the quake, too consumed with this cuteness to notice.

On another note, Jennifer is much braver than me.
She gets her eyebrows done at the local marketplace. The market is like Walmart on crack. We're talking eight floors of everything your heart might desire, all available at whatever price you can successfully bargain it down to. Here's Sarah's bargaining game face.Today's shopping excursion find for me was this lamp. One of my living room lamps recently blew a fuse and hasn't worked since. I could try and figure out how to get it fixed...but sometimes things are just more hassle than it's really worth. My most recent attempt at getting something electronic fixed was a five month long ordeal that ended with the item still broken. So I decided to replace the broken lamp with this one that I picked up for about $10. If you've shopped for lamps in China, you know it's quite the find. There are no tassles. No shiny bobbles. No reflective flare. Compared to the other options, it was quite dull.

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