Monday, March 23, 2009

HELP!! (Batch #2)

Below is the second batch of new Chinese flags to choose from. For more information, please scroll down and read the previous entry. For clarification: I would like you to tell me your three top picks for Batch #1 and your three top picks for Batch #2. I am allowed to submit three pictures from each class for the final judgment. Thanks again for your help!

Flag One
The big character is "Long", which means dragon. The character looks like a live, flying dragon. The dragon represents China developing fast. However, no matter how fast China develops, he always keeps harmony firmly in mind. We can see in the center of the dragon is the red Chinese knot which symbolizes harmony and peace. The background, light green, means hope.
Flag Two
The blossom symbolizes our country. The center of the flower represents the Communist party. There are 34 pistil and stamen which represent the 34 provinces (including Taiwan and Hong Kong). They symbolize the harmony and unity of the country, and the blue color represents peace. The five petals symbolize the five virtues of firmness, bravery, loyalty, honesty, and kindheartedness. The olive branches show that peace safeguards the country.

Flag Three
The white background represents the country's future; nobody knows it so we have to draw it ourselves. The red represents the hero's blood. The circle is the sun, which means we hope the future of China is brilliant. The stripe is the Huanghe River (Yellow River), which is our mother river and stands for our history. The star represents the Communist Party.

Flag Four
The white background represents purity and the universe. In the universe there are the sun, the moon, and the stars. The sun represents China's Party and the crescent moon represents China's government. The big star represents the mainland, and the two smaller stars represent Taiwan and Hainan Island. Red, yellow, blue, green, and black are the colors of the flags of the world; they mean China gets along well with the whole world.

Flag Five
Red is the symbol of China and a common color when the Spring Festival is coming. The 34 stripes on the star represent the provinces. The 56 lines that make up the star's shadow represent the 56 nationalities in China. The striped star and the lines seem like a moving star; this means China is advancing. The Chinese people are like the 56 lines that support and push forward the bright star.

Flag Six
The flower represent's the nation's flower, the peony. Except for the top petal, the flower looks like two butterflies, which represent a Chinese classical masterpiece--"Butterfly Love". The red color represents the hero's blood, and that the country is flourishing like fire. The whole flag means classical, energy, and forever flourishing.
Flag Seven
The blue sections represent the ocean on the earth. The two yellow triangles represent the continents on earth. The yellow star represents the nation of China. The olive branch represents peace. The country is surrounded by two olive branches; it is peaceful country. Furthermore, the peace of one country can maintain the peace and harmony of the whole world.

Flag Eight
The eight rectangles represent "Wu Hu Si Hai" in Chinese, which means people from all over the world. No matter where you come from, if you like China you are welcomed. The circle means people live in harmony. Black and white are opposite each other, they mean people must obey the laws and rules very strictly. Yellow represents richness; we hope we can live in a world without starvation, disaster and misery. Red represents the passion and the love of life.


Sarah said...

I like three

Heather said...

In Batch #1 I like:

#8 - first
#3 - second
#2 - third

Anonymous said...

# 1, #3 and #5 are my faves

Anonymous said...

My favorite is number 1, number 5 is second

Pru's Corner said...

1, 5, then 8 - in that order.

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

1, 4, and 7.

I like the description of 8, but the circle is too reminiscent of a "do not enter" sign to me.

Anonymous said...

5, 1, 7 (in order)

robb said...

flag 3 from batch one and flag one from batch 2