Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do you see what I see?

Things are right with the world again. Blue skies have returned and it is finally feeling like spring. (Hopefully for good this time.)

But I am stuck inside, trying to dig myself out from under piles of papers and midterms. For my senior capstone course in college, all of the students turned in massive papers detailing their individual personality development over the course of their life as well as their theory of how personality is developed. My paper ended up being 87 pages...single spaced. The paper nearly landed a large majority of the class in a mental institution. However, looking back now as a teacher, I seriously don't know how our professor maintained her sanity reading through all of those papers. Granted, those papers were written by those for whom English is their first language, and she wasn't checking for things like comma splices. But still...one moment of thinking about that paper adds a great deal of perspective to the stack of essays I'm currently working my way through. 41 essays down...5 to go...then it's onto the midterms.

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