Monday, April 6, 2009

Quotes of the week

"Twilight is like High School Musical for Emo kids." ~Robb

"'The Graduate' touched a lot of my root ganglion." ~Junior student's movie review.

"No paint, No gains" ~ As seen on a student's t-shirt

(On a related side note: I think China is having adverse effects on my movie tastes. I must confess that I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the High School Musical series and Twilight repeatedly. I have quite unabashedly become a sucker for sappy romances. There may be need for an intervention...very soon.)


The Pfeifllins said...

just an fyi. we don't allow cheesy romances or high school musical in our home, so get it out now :)

also...what the deuce is a ganglion?

Barbara said...

You're growing up! Maybe we can now enjoy some cheesy romance movies together this summer :)