Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring cleaning gone terribly wrong

There were three main reasons I chose to move into a new apartment this year. #1: A bigger kitchen (not having to move my fridge every time I want to get into my freezer is a wonderful perk). #2: Afternoon sunlight; I can't get enough natural light. #3: Beautiful, large trees outside my window. There is nothing better than laying on my bed watching leaves on big old trees sway in the wind. Granted, there are only leaves on the trees for a small fraction of the time I'm here. But when they're there, it's breath-taking. When they're not, I still enjoy the experience and hardiness communicated by a grove of old trees. Consequently, I was crushed when I looked out my window Saturday and saw this:
I don't know who is doing this to my trees...but I have photographic evidence of the culprits.
Seriously, how many men does it take to chop down/up a tree? I'm thinking the guy smoking is indispensable to this operation.
Just when you think they might stop...out come the ropes and the saw again.Doesn't it make your heart hurt?
Here's the remnant. Some of them had branches chopped off when the doomed trees got caught in them. Don't they look lonely now? However, at least a few trees survived...for now...fingers crossed...

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Barbara said...

I understand all too well. They have been cutting down trees like crazy on Sunnyside by the power lines - makes us so sad. Looks like a hurricane has hit. Remember how upset I was when more than 60 trees came down next door?