Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer slipping away

It has been awesome this summer to have more than double the amount of time in the States than I had last summer. While I've still been in a different state almost every week, the pace of the summer has seemed to be much more leisurely. However, the realization that I'll be boarding a plane in 10 days to return to China is forcing me back into action mode. There are errands to be run, stacks of items to somehow be strategically smashed into suitcases, one last trip up to Chicago, multiple lunch dates, an aunt coming into town to visit, and a graduate school application to finish...and yet, the overwhelming feeling I have is excitement. I just got back from a trip out to LA visiting good friends--and some of my "last friends" on my list that I had yet to see this summer. Now that reconnections feel somewhat complete, I'm revving to go back to my home on the other side of the sea. Although it hasn't even been quite a month since I've seen most of the team, I'm still excited to be reunited with the crazy Siping gang. I'm also getting quite eager to meet our new teammates. Hopefully in the next days of preparation I'll still be able to find a few more quiet summer moments!The Jones family...my first time meeting Canon!Kasey and Kurt

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Eric & Heather said...

I love seeing the pictures of your travels! Enjoy the rest of summer. We'll be thinking of you as you travel back to China.