Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Deep breath & ahhhhhhhh

That's my reaction to unlocking the door to my apartment. And just in case you're wondering, that's the pleasurable sort of "ahhhhhh" sound, like when you sink into a really comfortable couch or hot bath. Yep, I'm home...and it's wonderful. We rolled into Siping at 5 am Tuesday morning. By 7 o'clock I had pancakes cooking on the stove for the team and most of my things up on the walls. :) It's nice to once again be the hostess instead of the guest! This morning I took the Ragin' MK out for a ride. Stopped in a small park to read for a bit and was quite entertained when someone (a stranger of course) walked up and said, "Hello, fancy meeting you here!" Oh how I love China! This week is team building and we'll start teaching Monday (I think...). Back to the grindstone!

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Eric & Heather said...

Ahh! Good! I've been checking the blogs for an update like a stalker :) So happy you all are getting settled in.