Saturday, August 4, 2007

Good friends & Good ice cream

This past weekend I headed over to Columbus to visit some college friends. The blessing of them and other dear friends this summer is simply indescribable! So thanks to all of you who have made me feel so loved! :) The other highlight of the trip (and summer) was a visit to Graeter's, simply the best ice cream in the world. If you're ever in Columbus/Ohio look for a Graeter's store. You won't be disappointed!


bfine107 said...

just wanted to say: I'm subscribed!

Pru's Corner said...


Pru's Corner said...

oops, i didn't realize it was going to cut my post in half, well. so, i take it you didn't go to High School Musical then? when we were in San Antonio this past weekend, my sister watched it on the plane, at the house, made her husband watch and tried to get the rest of us to watch, too, but to no avail. crazy. well, love ya, hope everything's great. miss you...see you at the end of the month, though :)