Friday, November 14, 2008

A new home

Many of you know that my team and I are privileged to have a great relationship with the local orphanage. They graciously allow us to partner with them in loving the fatherless and motherless of this town. I'm being entirely honest when I say this is a privilege. The women who work at this orphanage are truly heroes of mine. They love the children as their own and pour out their lives loving them. There is a lot to learn about love from them!
Recently, we were blessed to watch the orphanage move from a facility on the outskirts of the city to an amazing new facility in the heart of the city. In many ways, this move also reflects a changing perspective of many people, especially students from our university. In the past few years, we have watched the number of students interested in the orphans multiply rapidly. It used to be only our team visiting the kids on Saturdays, now it's not uncommon to have more than 3 students per child on a Saturday. Students pour in bringing fruit, clothing, snacks, and more importantly hearts full of love. This sight is remarkable, considering orphans in China are on a periphery of a nation that functions based on social circles. They have no in-group, yet students are reaching out to them.
Students at the orphanage
The new facility is at least double the size of the previous building. The attention to detail is remarkable, especially for China. All of the staircases have built in baby gates. The baby floor is equipped with low handrails to help toddlers learning to walk. The baby room has an adjacent large bathroom equipped with half a dozen bathtubs and small toilets . The building is warm. The heating is excellent. There's a room for sick children to stay in so others don't get sick. There's a craft room. The older children's rooms have whimsical trees growing on the walls and columns. Shiny new beds are topped with large stuffed animals. I was near tears as I walked through this beautiful building. Give thanks to the one who labors on behalf of the widows and orphans!
Big kids room
Baby bathroom
Baby room


Christi and Abbey said...

Delurking here...I found your blogs a few weeks ago and devoured the entire thing from beginning to end. This post seemed like the perfect opportunity to tell you how much all you have written has meant to me. I'm about a month out from a serious case of culture shock and homesickness after having come to China at the end of July. I am here because of an open door to be of help to some orphanages and give my daughter and I a chance to learn more Chinese culture. Reading about your experiences has helped so much. You have a wonderful perspective and are a very gifted writer. I am thrilled for the children you work with to have this new and beautiful place to live. Thank you for all your beautiful posts and gorgeous photos.

Orphan Response said...


jwhitacre said...

This post brings tears to my a good way! THe new place sounds awesome!

I know I said this before but I will say it again...I know Ella is the beautiful and sweet little girl she is today because of all the love you would give to her during your visits...from all the pictures it looked like she really connected with you! I am forever grateful!

The Pfeifllins said...

oh my gosh, it looks amazing! it is so beautiful. i'm so glad they got the funding for it.

Anonymous said...

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