Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A few of my favorite things

  • The smell of applesauce cooking in my apartment. Apples mixed with cinnamon is one of my favorite scents. (I'm busy cooking up food for Thanksgiving.)
  • These small oranges (about half the size of the palm of your hand). I never had them in America, but they're my favorite treat in November & December in China (their season here). They are amazingly sweet! I eat them like candy.
  • This drink, Lulu. It's an almond milk that is usually served warm in the winter. I think it tastes like an almond cookie straight from the oven. The team thinks its repulsive, but it's my favorite winter beverage. Plus, I think it will make me as pretty and happy as the woman on the can.
  • This website. It's the only way I have a hope of doing my Chinese homework each week. Not only does it teach you stroke order of characters, but you can draw a character and look it up that way. It's one of my favorite websites!
  • A baby falling asleep in my arms. Pure bliss and peace!
  • Counting the days until my friends, Kasey and Kurt, arrive from the States to celebrate Christmas with me and get a glimpse of my life here. Less than four weeks!
  • All of you amazing Rez folk who showed up for the Christmas Village and made it possible for the new orphanage to have a disinfecting cabinet, water heater, refrigerator, and washing machine! I can't wait to tell the orphanage!


Mink said...

Wow - go Rez!

Hey, KB, did my box arrive yet?

Mink said...

P.S. You pix of food are so Martha Stewart...mmm.

Mink said...

P.P.S. Nice haircut! ;)

Pru's Corner said...

nice post, i hope you don't turn into that Almond girl! that baby's way cute, makes me want to go hold a baby...

ok, so i've found it's easier to post multiple times in a day for some reason so posts await you. you should probably click me as a blog you follow cuz i've found it's way easier to keep track of other people's posts that way. especially if it's multiple.

i'm so excited about the orphanage stuff. hooray!

Happy T-giving!! [cyberhug]

Anonymous said...

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