Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A little taste of heaven

My world was forever changed tonight. I think I just discovered my new favorite candy. Never before have I thought a candy was worthy of an entire blog post. Tonight I received a small package from my former team leader (you're amazing Amanda!!!). I was a bit perplexed when I opened it and saw kisses with orange wrappers. I thought maybe they were just dressed up for Halloween. Never in my wildest most wonderful dreams did I ever think Hershey's would make a PUMPKIN kiss. I love pumpkin anything...and it's a flavor that I miss dearly in China in the fall. Now a pumpkin spice kiss sounds a little strange, but let me tell you (unless you're a teammate who's going to come ask me for one), this is the most remarkable candy ever created. I'm in love. I'll go ahead and count this as my single's day present. And thank goodness I'm single, because I wouldn't want to share these precious kisses with anyone!


Pru's Corner said...

oh my is it that my friend on the other side of the world knows about these before i do? what?! i also heart pumpkin anything, as you know :) i'll have to go find more of these goodies (and perhaps add them to your care package?) love you, friend. happy "singles" day...i hadn't heard of this singles day from anyone else so i suppose it's just the genius brilliant!

Anonymous said...

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