Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back in Meiguo

After the longest Saturday I've ever had, I finally got home at 1 am Sunday morning. I was luggage-less, but very happy to be outside of airports. Let me tell you, traveling through five airports in one day is not recommended! Nor do I recommend transferring from international to domestic at LAX. My 3+ hour layover was just long enough to get through the lines there. Because of a delay at LAX, I ended up getting in 40 minutes late in Chicago. Not a good situation when you only have a 45 minute layover. As the plane sat 50 feet from the gate for about 10 minutes I was close to wanting to scream. As soon as the plane pulled the rest of the way to the gate I sprinted for my next gate, and discovered I really need more cardiovascular exercise. Breathless and panting, I arrived at the gate, only to realize they had closed the door three minutes earlier. A few minutes later, another woman from my Chicago flight jogged up to the gate and I shared the bad news with her. The two of us headed off to the ticket counter, and were lucky enough to get some of the last seats on the last flight to Indy that night on United. She was sweet enough to let me use her cell phone to call my parents. I love the kindness of strangers here! And the fact that I can communicate with them! :)

Speaking of the kindness of strangers, I had the neatest encounter as I ran errands on Sunday. I was in a candle store (I found a cinnamon and spice candle that is going to make my apartment smell AWESOME in the fall) and I struck up a conversation with the cashier. After talking for a few minutes, she asked if it would be ok to lay hands on me and lift me up. This simple act was such an encouragement!

I'm now down in Florida and am getting in a full dose of my 3 month old nephew Ethan. Before Aunt Katherine came, he would nap only in people's arms. Not that I don't love a sleeping baby in my arms, but this high-maintenance behavior was going to be altered if at all possible (I had the full approval and encouragement of my sister in this endeavor). Sure enough, in this first full day with me I've gotten him to take a nap in his crib and his swing. I should be taking advantage of this time to work on my essays for grad class...but, updating the blog is more enjoyable. Pictures of the little guy to come soon!

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