Friday, June 20, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

America here I come! Tomorrow at 6 am I'll begin my 30-some hour journey back to the States. This year, I'm going by way of Changchun...and Korea...and LAX...and Chicago, before arriving in Indianapolis. :) Five airports in one very long day! It will be fun to travel with the Clements family part of the way (to LA), though.

These last couple weeks have been jam-packed with final get-togethers, parties, performances, grading, grad work, and saying goodbyes. It's all left me at the moment feeling quite tired and a little bit numb. This year has been defined by refining, overwhelming faithfulness and tenderness from the Father, and then more refining. There has been so much happening in my heart and my life that I'm looking forward to getting away from my normal environment for a bit to process all that's happened. This summer will be filled with lots of activity and catching up with all of you wonderful people...but I'm also looking forward to some quieter moments where I can just sit and be still.

Thanks for all of your encouragement! I'll be seeing all of you soon!

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