Friday, January 4, 2008

Bye bye birthdays

With the celebration of Will's second birthday yesterday we have completed the long stream of celebrations from mid-December until now. As if the holiday season isn't packed enough, here in Siping we also celebrate four birthdays between December 15th and January 3rd. That's a lot of celebrating! Unfortunately, this means some of the parties have not been so elaborate. However, we rounded them off well with the rowdy round-up of Will's birthday. We all came in our cowgirl and cowboy get-up for some good old western vittles and healthy cowboy competition. Check out my flickr site for a full recap! I am now at the official one week countdown to departure. I'm hoping the pressure of impending departure will kick me out of "lazy vacation mode" into "grad work & travel preparation mode". Hmmm...maybe tomorrow. I'm off to watch a movie!

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