Monday, May 11, 2009

I love...

...when students are actively engaged in a lesson.
...that I sold all of my orphanage raffle tickets planned for all of my classes to ONE class in a period of five minutes, and they still wanted to buy more.
...that I can't walk more than 10 feet on campus without seeing the smiling face of someone I know.
...that my pen seller constantly hums.
...that I have a pen seller.
...that I know my pen seller well enough to know he constantly hums.
...that I can by Crocs for 13 RMB (less than $2).
...that my fruit seller cuts the rind off the pineapple when I buy it.
...that pineapple is cheap.
...that the campus is infused with the smell of lilac bushes.
...the smell of the bathrooms in the spring (just kidding).
...being spontaneous sometimes (e.g. traveling 4 hours round-trip just to go to Pizza hut with the team for lunch).
...that I know Wu has a pair of khakis waiting on his bed at his parents house every time he visits.
...that when playing catch phrase, all I have to say is "Sonny's favorite actress", and everyone knows "Uma Thurman".
...that team really becomes like family.
...chocolate cupcakes (recipe to come soon!). in China.

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