Monday, December 22, 2008

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Well, I don't have a chimney, but the stockings are hung on the windows. The presents are wrapped under the tree. The fridge is stocked. The towels and sheets are clean. The rugs are clean. The finals (that I've given) are graded. The grad work...well, the grad work is being conveniently ignored. That's right, I'm ready for my Christmas guests!

I'm off to give my last two finals. One is a speaking final (no grading afterward...a definite bonus) and the other will deliver 23 five paragraph essays into my hands. Then I'm rushing off to the train station to head down to Beijing. Hopefully, in between all of those things, I'll get my passport returned to me (the office has had it for a visa renewal for the last two weeks). Ah, it wouldn't be China if things weren't taken down to the wire.

And then...drum roll please...I'll be picking up two of my good friends! Since they're such good friends, I'm going to take them from their 30 hour journey to China directly to the train station for an overnight train to Siping. We'll get into Siping about 5 am on Christmas Eve...and then I'm going to drag them to an 8 am class. Hahaha...I'm such a good friend!

Nevertheless, I'm super excited to get to celebrate Christmas with "family"! Merry Christmas to all of you back in the States!


Lily Makes 3 said...

Merry Christmas Katherine!! We hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Pru's Corner said...

have fun with kasey and kurt. glad she's feeling all better. looking forward to your pics. sending small-ish package to you, just from me and greg. b-team one coming later.

love you!
merry holiday,

Mink said...

Hi dearie -

Package sent your way - not in time for Xmas, but you'll have cold for a while still...

And PTL for your Dec newsletter (arrived yesterday)!

Merry Merry Merry!


Missy said...

Hi Katherine,

I found your blog by way of Christi's at Cherry Blossom Life. I have spent some time reading your blog and am so fascinated.

My much younger sister (I am 34, she is 10) spent her first 2.5 years living in foster care in Siping.

We are hoping to come back and visit her foster mommy, Song Xiao Ping in the next year or so.

I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to following your blog!

Anonymous said...

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