Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mourning with those who mourn

I have nothing profound to say. Writing that I'm saddened or burdened by the numbers that steadily climb by the thousands each time I check the news seems too cliche, almost trivial. Yet as more and more stories of tragedy pour in, my heart is heavy. Most of my day is consumed by the mundane--the quiz that has to be graded, the lesson to be planned, the five parts of a plotline to be taught. But then the thought of those still buried plunges itself into my thoughts throughout the day. The word "chaos" is on the handout in class...Miss Katherine, what does the word mean? The first picture that comes to my mind are those shaking, crumbling walls and panicked faces. My mind flits to Burma, another nation ravished by disaster. So much chaos. In the midst of a shaking world, I'm so thankful I have a Rock to stand on...and yet, my heart cries out tonight for the many of this land who do not have firm ground to stand on. Tonight, I'm mourning with those who mourn in this land and pleading for stable foundations to be built in the midst of the rubble.

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Pru's Corner said...

Oh dear friend, I got up yesterday wishing I could hug you or hear from you. We here grieve also with the families and those who are still searching for loved ones. I can only imagine that it's much worse for one who calls it home. So, we're lifting you up and glad also to have a Rock, I will be thinking that he steadies and comforts you right now...even as you sleep. Love you much!