Thursday, May 22, 2008

Coming to a city near you

The collecting bags under my eyes and mounting stress indicate that the semester is almost done! In four weeks I'll be hopping--no, traveling; hopping seems to indicate a greater amount of ease and perhaps even enjoyment than that trip actually contains--across the ocean. Below is my my somewhat tentative itinerary for the summer. I hope to catch up with as many of you as possible! I look forward to many coffee, pizza, and ice cream dates! stomach just growled...
  • Saturday, June 21: After an obscene amount of travel hours, I arrive in Indy late at night.
  • Monday, June 23: After visiting the dentist to get real glue put on my retainer (see earlier post) I'll be flying down to Tampa, Florida for one of the most exciting events of the summer--meeting my nephew Ethan! I'm lucky enough to get to watch him while my sister starts her residency.
  • Saturday, July 5: I arrive in Chicago late at night...which means I get to spend that Sunday morning (and the next several) with you Rez folk! However, my time in Wheaton will also be dominated by the three grad classes I'm taking. Many people I love + classes = no sleep for three weeks.
  • Sunday, July 27: drive up to Minnesota to my great aunt and uncles ranch/farm--it's off to one of my favorite and most peaceful locations in the States! (Very) Small town Minnesota!
  • Tuesday, July 29: Lana picks me up from the ranch--I'm off to the twin cities to spend time with her and hopefully a couple other friends.
  • Friday, August 1: Fly to LAX to see two of my favorite people in the entire world...and to go to Disneyland!!! My first trip to the LA version of the Magic Kingdom; it doesn't get much better than that. Buzz Light year here I come.
  • Tuesday, August 5: Red eye flight back to Indy
  • August 9&10 or 16&17: Columbus, Ohio?
  • August 23&24: one last trip to Wheaton/Rez?
  • August 25: begin the long journey home.
  • August 27, early afternoon: home sweet home
Home is probably going to look a little bit different when I return. Right now, the hutong area of my neighborhood is being torn down. You can check out some pictures at my flickr site; here are a few as well.

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