Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a difference a few months makes

Several months ago, in late autumn, Siping got hit by a big snowstorm. My students could hardly contain their excitement at the snow's arrival. There was giddy laughter and snowballs were sneaked into the classroom. When I asked if the students liked the snow there were gleeful cries of, "Yes, it's so beautiful!" Just this past week, yes, in the last full week of March, Siping was hit with a similar snowstorm. However, this storm didn't receive quite the welcome of its late fall brother. As I discussed the weather with my students, not a single one praised its beauty. Instead there were groans and sighs and questions of, "Will spring ever arrive?" I think everyone is ready to appreciate the beauty of fresh blossoms--not the purity of a fresh covering of the white stuff. Hopefully this will be the final blast of winter for the year, but then again, this is the Dongbei. Several months ago, Dou dou and Tong tong, two children at the orphanage, were completely unaware that two special families were in the final waiting stages of bringing these special children into their families. They had no idea how much time, money, and energy these parents were expending to bring them home. However, this week both children got to experience the embrace of mother and father for the first time. The privilege of having a front row seat to watch the beauty of adoption is one of the greatest unexpected bonuses of my work here. This week, Jennifer and I got to travel to Changchun to meet up with these families. Reflecting on this process always reminds me of our Father's great love as He eagerly pursues and waits to be united with His children.

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Pru's Corner said...

so, it's funny that though separated by half the globe, our Winter experiences echo one another with "Spring, where art thou?" ~from wintry wheaton :)