Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday hustle & bustle

I hate shopping for shoes. I enjoy them and fully recognize their potential to make or break an outfit. However, the process of looking for shoes is almost worse than going to the dentist. This past summer, Kasey was kind and patient enough to search the stores of LA with me for several pairs of shoes. After that endeavor I gleefully announced that I hopefully wouldn't have to shop for shoes for two years.

I haven't shopped for shoes for myself since...but this past week I went shopping for nineteen pairs of shoes for the orphanage kids. Yes. Nineteen. (Insert picture of lady in horror movie screaming, hands pressed to the sides of her cheek.) OK, it really wasn't that bad--thanks to two extremely helpful students. However, the process did involve hours of traipsing between stores analyzing if the shoe was warm enough, if it was well made, if there was a size bigger and smaller in case it needed to be exchanged, if the price was reasonable, if the kids would like it, if it was easily distinguishable from the other shoes of the same size (so they wouldn't get mixed up)...and so on. By the end of the escapade I was very American and had the shopkeepers multi-tasking (i.e. while she goes to look for that size, you can write up the receipt for these shoes). All the headaches were well worth seeing the glee on the kids' faces as they opened the shoes. We took all of the bigger kids to a nice hotel in town with a big buffet. This trip has become a Christmas tradition, and the kids look forward to it every year. It's Christmas eve and I have three classes today--ending around 5:15. After that will be a little baking before our Christmas eve service. Tomorrow will be slightly insane as we cook brunch for fifteen people and then Christmas dinner for twenty people. This is no small feat when you're talking about cooking a full sized turkey and all side dishes with a total of six toaster ovens. Yes, we're crazy.

Have a very merry Christmas! I'm missing all of you on the other side of the world!

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Christina said...

I hope all went well and you have some time to relax! Belated Merry Christmas! =)