Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Thoughts

Ohio State is headed back to the National Championship! With the way this season has developed, I really should not have been too concerned after the loss to Illinois. Go figure, we're the ones with the undisputed place in the national championship game. Personally, I would have liked to battle the Rainbow Warriors, but that's only because I'd love to see my Buckeyes redeem themselves after last year's debacle. Now the main cause for concern is facing a no huddle offense--a prospect that should strike fear into most Buckeyes' fans hearts. The only no huddle hurry up offense we've really faced since Florida was Illinois, and we all know how that went. Gulp. Regardless, I think most of Buckeye nation (or at least this transplanted part of Buckeye nation) is happy that facing the daring strategies of Les Miles is not going to become a yearly tradition. C'mon Carr, are you sure you don't want to stick around? On another note, I stumbled on this blog today. The diagram descriptions of traffic patterns in China had me laughing out loud. For anyone who has been to China, you will be more than amused. Even for those of you yet to venture to the Middle Kingdom, you might get a chuckle or two. Check out description one and description two.

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Kristi said...

Are you implying that the Buckeyes would beat Hawaii? Did I mention that I'M GOING TO THE SUGAR BOWL with my family to watch Hawaii take on Georgia!??! I'll be in the end zone area wearing a #1 jersey, so you just might see me...GO 'BOWS!!

Congrats to Ohio State. Of all the imperfect teams out there (ahem), I'm glad the Buckeyes are one of the teams vying for the title. They'd better beat LSU though - that's all I have to say. Miss you!