Monday, May 28, 2007

Never give up hope

Last July, I ordered some CDs. However, the CDs didn't arrive before I left for China. This problem was easily solved; I asked my mom to mail the CDs to me. She faithfully complied and sent them on August 5th. The CDs never appeared in Siping and consequently after a couple months I assumed they were lost somewhere in the many miles that separate China and America. Imagine my surprise, therefore, at discovering the package today, May 28th, 2007!, on the stack of mail in our office. I have a feeling the package arrived before I did in Siping and was tucked away and forgotten until today. Better late than never I guess...although, it would have been nice to have "Mom's advice for a great year in Siping" at the beginning of the year instead of the end.


Christina said...

Haha - gotta love the China post! =)

Pru's Corner said...

that's so cute! (that your mom made that and that it finally arrived :) ) so funny, too. good thing i never tried to send you anything, eh? wink! i'll talk to you soon, luv. hope your weekend was good.