Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Seth & Welcome to the world Samantha Grace!

That's right folks, poor Samantha Grace Wu has to share her birthday with creepy Uncle Seth.
Tonight was Seth's birthday extravaganza. We started the night at Hecto's, one of the few locations in Siping where you can find a steak. We then blindfolded Seth and whisked him off to KTV. For those of you unversed in Chinese culture, KTV is Karaoke Chinese style--which means swank private rooms with leather couches, disco balls, strobe lights, and large wide screen TVs. KTV buildings are some of the nicest buildings you'll find in town--you walk through hallways with mirrors on the walls and ceilings, fancy lights dangling down, and streams and fountains running along the hall. Our room even had an aquarium in the floor complete with goldfish. Anyways, the musical selection is mostly made up of 80s and early 90s hits. The music videos are not the original artists, but cheesy 80s and 90s actors and actresses who couldn't even land a job filming commercials in the States. Anyways, extravagance mixed with cheesiness with the opportunity to sing at the top of your lungs seemed like the perfect birthday activity for Seth.

Just about the time we were singing Happy Birthday at KTV, Samantha Grace made her long anticipated arrival (8:12 pm China time).On another important note, I managed to score six points at Shout About tonight. Shout About is the game that my teammates are obsessed with that tests your movie, tv, or music trivia knowledge. I do not possess expertise in any of those areas, so playing the game is usually more of a spectator sport for me. But tonight, I answered two questions correctly in the lightening round of Shout About Music. It was quite the proud achievement.


Eric & Heather said...

Seth is funny! Wish we could have met him too while we were in China. Today Lily is showing even more comfort and feelings of security. She's very much the toddler showing independence--today she insisted she feed herself lunch. It was a messy affair but worth it to see her so proud when she got a big spoonful of chicken noodle-o's into her mouth without a spill. ;D

Beckyb said...

LOVE your blog - I just found it off of another blog I read - I am envious - having been in China too - we'd love to go back and teach there - what a great country!!