Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall chill

I guess we don't have to worry about the Buckeyes being humiliated in yet another National Championship game. Honestly, that's a relief. We can let JoePa be humiliated this time. It turns out Pryor does still have room to improve. He's going to be haunted by that last pass for awhile.

Weather. Americans love to talk about it. As I taught my freshmen last week, it's our most common small talk topic. They find it quite funny that we're so fascinated by the topic. Regardless, it's what we do. Without further ado, here's the weather update for us...COLD. Those three weeks of balmy fall weather disappeared overnight a few days ago. The water in the fountain is now frozen when I walk to class. My winter coat has been pulled out of the closet, and gloves have started to litter my apartment. It's all downhill from here... However, the chill does have its positive side effects as well. Hot cocoa, soups, candles, and soft blankets suddenly contain an extra comforting appeal.


Twice Blessed China Mom said...

Christi in China sent me to your blog. I'm an ESL teacher from Naperville, IL. I saw that you have connections in Wheaton. Wow, we're almost neighbors! I'm a single, adoptive mom with two daughters from China. I hope to move our family to China in the next few years, to teach ESL. Would it be possible for you to e-mail me so I could ask you a few questions? This is my e-mail:
Love your blog! The pictures of fall are lovely! We had so much snow last winter that everyone I know is hanging onto fall for as long as possible! We know what is coming our way!

Pru's Corner said...

happy halloween, you crazy girl. sorry bout the buckeyes, except i'm not really because who is number one right now? Texas. and whose mom is the biggest longhorn ever? Mine.

anyway, we have a link to wedding pics but no DVD yet. i will send a copy of the DVD in your holiday basket :) along with many other goodies...more lip stuff? heeheehee. and perhaps a card left over from patrick's day.
love ya, girl. will post a few wedding pics though as well.

Anonymous said...

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