Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring is coming!

Evidence that spring may eventually arrive in the Dongbei region of China...
  • Melting snow: the five feet snow drifts are slowly receding and creating nice little streams all over campus.
  • Swinging cranes: construction is back in full swing, which combined with evidence #1=very muddy roads.
  • Streetside small talk: no longer is everyone walking briskly, hunched over, just trying to survive to the next indoor destination; the temperature has risen enough to actually stop and have a (short) conversation.
  • Reappearance of children: no longer are children submerged in ten layers and smothered with blankets--they're actually permitted to frolick outside.
  • Chirping birds: actually wildlife! Amazing.
  • Warm sun beams: there's a distinct difference between standing in the shade and standing in the sun. Once again sun beams actually beam down warmth to your face.
  • Optional long underwear: no longer do you automatically reach for the long underwear in the morning...there is actually a debate of: can I get by without it today?
Yes, all evidence does seem to indicate that spring might be around the corner. But before that conclusion is reached, let me remind you of one more thing...our last snowstorm last year was in mid-April.

Went to the orphanage today...check out my photo site for lots of pictures!


Christina said...

I love that picture of you! I miss you...hope we can talk sometime soon... *muah*

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful!