Sunday, August 9, 2009

Always be prepared

I should have been a boy scout...perhaps then I would have learned the lesson to always be prepared. And then I would have had more than a 50 prime lens with me when Zoe and I made a spontaneous stop at the Jefferson memorial. Don't get me wrong, I love my 50 prime. It's my favorite lens. Its portrait capabilities (see nephew post below) are stunning. But it's not so great for wide landscapes. Hence, all of those beautiful shots I had in my head as the sun set at the memorial were quite impossible to actually capture. Consequently, our trip to the Jefferson memorial ended up being a portrait shoot of Zoe. Which, to be honest, I didn't mind at all. I snapped this one when she wasn't paying attention to me. And promptly teased her for posing like a superhero. Doesn't she look like she's about to fly off to save D.C.?
Zoe and I go way back. The first time we met I believe we were in middle school. She remembers the meeting. I don't. We discovered during the week that this is the case for a lot of our history. Apparently, I have a horrific memory. We met at a youth group new year's eve party in Columbus. After that brief encounter, the next time we met was the first day of school our junior year of high school. We were both new students at the school, having recently moved to Indianapolis. She instantly recognized me; I had no clue who she was. It took us awhile, but we finally pinned down our fateful first meeting to that party in Columbus. With both a shared history and the shared experience of starting over halfway through high school, we were destined to be friends.It had been four years, and a lifetime of experiences in China, since I had last seen Zoe. But we picked right up as if no time had passed at all. A friendship like that is truly special. The great part of taking pictures of someone you have history with is you know their stories. You know how to make them laugh.
You know that exact embarrassingly funny moment in...was it econ? bring up in order to get that deep belly laugh.
Which is sure to be followed by that beautiful natural smile.
Perhaps even more beautiful than the scenery itself. The scenery you couldn't capture because you weren't prepared like a boy scout.
I even let Zoe take a few pictures of me before we headed out. I hate having my picture taken. I much prefer to be behind the camera. But I decided it wouldn't hurt to have some photographic evidence that I was in D.C.


Barbara said...

Great to see photos of Zoe - even better than the wide landscapes! She is special & a great friend - glad you guys were able to get together. (great pic of you too!)

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Very beautiful girl :)

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